Badi Shams

We Need To Justify Our Spending

 Do we have to justify our spending to anyone? Most people would answer “No—my money is mine, I earned it, and I can spend it any way I want!” Some of those people consider themselves hedonists, a school of thought which argues that pleasure and happiness are the primary or…
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Towards a Just Economic Order

  To eradicate poverty is to build the world anew - economically, but also morally, culturally, and socially. A world without poverty, its communities, and patterns of life, would bear little resemblance to the one around us today. The Commission’s work of “eradicating poverty to achieve sustainable development for all”,…
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Suggestions for Community Service

 Whether in the Local Spiritual Assembly, Nineteen Day Feast, committee meetings, Junior Youth gatherings, reflection meetings, deepening classes, participation in Ruhi books or doing a soul-searching reflection on how to become a better Baha'i, our thoughts at some point will focus on the role that service to humanity can play…
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