Badi Shams

Adam Smith and Morality

Based on the Writings of the Baha'i Faith I have been advocating the need for humanity and morality in our economic activities and also its recognition in our economic system. So it is natural from reading his book in the university who is considered to be about the father economics,…
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We Need To Justify Our Spending

 Do we have to justify our spending to anyone? Most people would answer “No—my money is mine, I earned it, and I can spend it any way I want!” Some of those people consider themselves hedonists, a school of thought which argues that pleasure and happiness are the primary or…
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Suggestions for Community Service

  Whether in the Local Spiritual Assembly, Nineteen Day Feast, committee meetings, Junior Youth gatherings, reflection meetings, deepening classes, participation in Ruhi books or doing a soul-searching reflection on how to become a better Baha'i, our thoughts at some point will focus on the role that service to humanity can…
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