Hacia un modelo de desarrollo para el siglo XXI Baha’i International Community

Lucha Contra el Hambre Baha’i International Community

Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible en la Fe Bahá’i Baha’i International Community

Una misma sustancia Baha’i International Community

Legislación Internacional para el Medio Ambiente y el Desarrollo Baha’i International Community

Integracion de la mujer en el desarrollo enocomico y social de America Latina y el Caribe Baha’i International Community

El Desarrollo Sostenible y el Espíritu Humano Baha’i International Community

Comunidades Sostenibles en un Mundo Integrante Baha’i International Community

La Promeza de la Paz Mundial Universal House of Justice

Valorando la Espiritualidad en el Desarrollo World Bank

Erradicando la Pobreza Baha’i International Community

Nuevos Modelos de Vida Comunitaria en un Mundo Cada Vez Más Urbanizado Baha’i International Community

La Conservacion y el Desarrollo Sostenible en la Fe Baha’i Baha’i International Community

Sugerencias prácticas para la economía del futuro Badi Shams

Sugerencias economicas practicas para un nuevo sistema economico Badi Shams

A los baha’is del mundo (1 de marzo 2017) Universal House of Justice

Escritos Baha’is sobre economia (para participantes) Badi Shams

Escritos Baha’is sobre economia (charla) Badi Shams

Sugerencias practicas para la economia del futuro (para participantes) Badi Shams

Hacia un nuevo sistema economico espiritual Badi Shams

La Economía del Futuro: Una Recopilación de los Escritos Bahá’ís Badi Shams

Guía para iniciar un servicio desinteresado Badi Shams

Escritos bahá’ís sobre economía Badi Shams

Una economía para servir a las personas y a la vida


GOBERNANZA Y ECONOMÍA: Proyectos de Desarrollo


GOBERNANZA Y ECONOMÍA: Cooperacion y Economia


GOBERNANZA Y ECONOMÍA: La política económica de la Unión Europea




GOBERNANZA Y ECONOMÍA: La Empresa Responsable



Episode 13 Rethinking Education Discovering How Podcast

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The New World Order Warwick Leaflets

World Citizenship Warwick Leaflets

Baha’i World Centre

A New Framework for Global Prosperity Baha’i International Community

Agriculture and Rural Life Baha’i World Center Compilation

Baha’i Principle – Abolition of Economic Extremes Baha’i International Community

Betterment of the World Baha’i International Community

Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Bahá’i Faith Baha’i International Community

Conservation of the Earth’s Resources Baha’i World Center

Economics Agriculture and Related Subjects Research Department of the Universal House of Justice

Economics Oppression of Iran’s Baha’is Baha’i International Community

Evolution Towards World Order Baha’i World Center

Fight Against Hunger Baha’i International Community

Guidelines For Internet Communications The Universal House of Justice

Huqúqu’llah The Right of God Research Department of the Universal House of Justice

Integration of women in the economic and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean Baha’i International Community

International Legislation for the Environment and Development Baha’i International Community

New Patterns of Community Life in an Urbanizing World Baha’i International Community

Prosperity of Humankind Baha’i International Community

Redistribution of Wealth Research Department of the Universal House of Justice

Shared Vision, Shared Volition: Choosing Our Global Future Baha’i International Community

Social Action Department of the Secretariat — Universal House of Justice

Social and Economic Development Research Department of the Universal House of Justice

Social Innovation and Eradication of Poverty Baha’i International Community

Sustainable Communities in an Integrating World Baha’i International Community

Sustainable Development and the Human Spirit Baha’i International Community

Take No Pride in Gold Baha’i International Community

The Evolution of Institutional Capacity Office of Social and Economic Development

The Search for Values in an Age of Transition Baha’i International Community

To the Baha’is of the World (March 1st, 2017) Universal House of Justice

To the Believers in the Cradle of the Faith Universal House of Justice

Valuing Spirituality in Development Baha’i International Community

Who is Writing the Future? Reflections on the 20th Century Baha’i International Community


Economics of the Future Badi Shams

Guidelines for Economic Living Compiled by Badi Shams

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82% of the Wealth Generated in 2017 in the World Went to the Richest 1% Badi Shams

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Extreme Poverty and Extreme Wealth, Explained Arthur Lyon Dah

Extreme Poverty and Hunger-on the Decline David Langness

Financial Literacy: Walking the Spiritual Life with Practical Feet Brydon Grant

How Altruism Can Reduce the Poverty and Wealth Gap David Langness

How Baha’is Would Eliminate the Extreme of Wealth and Poverty Kenneth Bowers

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How to Start Selflessly Serving Humanity Badi Shams

Light in the Darkness Dan Kopf

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Wealth, Poverty and Spirituality Matt Giani

Women Entrepreneurs Catalysts for Transformation Diane C Starcher


A Spiritual Approach to Microcredit Projects Michel Zahrai

Acting in Oneness for a Better Economy Greg Hodges

Agriculture: A Fundamental Principle Paul Hanley

An Introduction to GNH (gross national happiness) Karma Ura

Baha’i Faith and Marxism Bios

Baha’i Faith and Social Action Christopher Buck

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Baha’i-Inspired Charitable Agencies

Baha’i Principles of Organization and Economics Lawrence M. Miller

Business, Development, and the Bahá’í Funds NSA of United States

Challenges of Sustainable Development Augusto Lopez-Claros

Challenges of the Construction of a New Morality Luiz Gushikan

Conservation of the Earth Grahame Howells

Consultation and Compromise in Environment Affairs Bill Knight-Weiler

Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Success Palazzi and Starcher

Culture, Spiritually and Development World Faiths Development Dialogue

Dialogues between Faith Values and ESD Values Arthur Dahl

Dissertation Baha’i Economics Hooshmand Badee

Eco Principle Arthur Dahl reviewed by Stephen Vickers

Ecological Models of Social Organization Arthur Dahl

Ecological Stewardship as Applied Spirituality John Thelen Steere

Economic Justice and the Creation of a New International Economic Order Keith Suter

Economic Prosperity: A Global Imperative Mary Fish

Economics Of The Future Begins Today Badi Shams

Economy for the New World Order Giuseppe Roiati

Education of Women and Socio-Economic Development Geeta Gandhi Kingdon

Ethics and Entrepreneurship, An Oxymoron? George Starcher

Ethics for a Global Society Udo Schaefer

Evolving Toward a Baha’i Economic System Gregory C. Dahl

Faith and World Economy by Giuseppe Robiati Reviewed by Sen McGlinn

Forging the Divine Economy Justin Scoggin

Global Prosperity for Humankind Noojan Kazemi

Globalization and the Environment Arthur Dahl

Human Nature and Human Society William S. Hatcher

Huququ’llah (Right of God) Dr Ali-Muhammad Varqa

Inheritance Abdu’l-Baha

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Internet, the World Wide Web and Electronic Discussion Lists Stephen Birkland

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Management of Small Rural Businesses Michel Zahrai

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Materialism: What Advantage in Things You Possess John Dahnad

Moral and Leadership Eloy Anello

Overview of Bahá’i Social and Economic Development Holly Hanson

Perspective: One world, One Currency One Country

Reflections on Climate Change Rod Duncan

Rethinking Prosperity Baha’i International Community

Science, Religion and Development Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity

Shared Value Priorities in Groups: The Impact of the Baha’i Faith on Values Faezeh Afshar

Social Action Office of Social and Economic Development

Social Crises and Their Connections to Global Ecological Problems Arthur Dahl

Social Justice, Wealth Equity and Gender Equality Leslie W. Kuzyk

Spiritual Enterprise by Lawrence Miller Review by Anousha Vahdaty

Spiritual Foundations for an Ecologically Sustainable Society Robert A. White

Strategies and Processes of Social Change Howard Buchbinder

Study Guide To The Letter On Economic Life Susan Gammage

Study of the Bahá’i Writings on Economics (Participant Copy) Badi Shams

Study of the Baha’i Writings on Economics (with Questions) Badi Shams

Study of the Baha’i Writings on Economics Badi Shams

Suggestions for Community Service Badi Shams

Suggestions for Service for Junior Youth and to the community Badi Shams

Summoning Our Common Will Global Development Agenda

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The Baha’i Faith and Economics: a Review and Synthesis Bryan Graham

The Bahá’í Faith and Globalization 1900-1912 Robert Stockman

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The Globalization of the Bahá’í Community, 1892-1921 Moojan Momen

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The True Foundation of all Economics Compiled by Hooshmand Badee

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Workshop Material for Baha’i Writings on Economics Badi Shams

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World Happiness Report 2016 Edited by Helliwell, Layard, and Sachs